Grocery Shopping

Just in case anyone cares, I went to the library tonight, barely made it before they closed, and then went to Safeway and spent another sixty bucks on groceries.  Sometimes it’s hard doing this job.  When money is tight (like right now), I know that buying more groceries will keep us from going out to eat.  If we have food available in the house, we won’t go out of the house for meals.  Simple.  But then I get home with about six bags and the first thing Mike says is, “I thought you just had to get milk.”  Which makes me feel guilty.  On the upside, I’ve now spent enough that we’ll get the whole seven cents off our next fuel purchase, which is a good thing considering gas prices right now.  Oh, but life does seem so trivial sometimes.

And now I need to go to bed.  It will take me another fifteen minutes just to finish on the computer for the day.  Here’s to another late night.


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  1. Hey Katie – does FSJ have a good food box? I know they used to. I just tried out the one here for the first time, and it’s GREAT. You pay at the beginning of the month, and at the end of the month you get a huge box full of fruit and vegetables. Anyone can join, because the whole idea is the power of bulk buying . . . I thought it was a pretty good deal 🙂

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