Father’s Day

My husband is celebrating his third Father’s Day this year.  It has been such an amazing two years (and a bit) since Jenny was born.  It’s really incredible what you will see in a man after he becomes a father that you never would have before.  I’ll never forget the way he cradled our girl in the hours after her birth.  They have had a special connection since she was born.  I may have been jealous at one point, but then I had baby number two and it was a boy!  I suddenly understood this connection that many mothers seemed to have with their sons.  Elias just melts my heart, and I know that’s how Mike feels about Jenny, too.

As for my own father, I’m sad he’s so far away from me right now.  He raised us on his own from the time I was seven and we were so fortunate to have him.  My siblings didn’t understand this very well when they were young, but I think they do now.  He recently came to visit us and spent the whole time he was here buying us things and helping us fix things in our home.  I’ve never seen that kind of generosity before.  All I can hope is to do the same for my own kids someday.

I wouldn’t call this a great piece of writing, but I thought the weekend called for it and wasn’t sure if I’d get another chance.  Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!!

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