Today was Father’s Day.  As is our custom, I told Mike he could do anything he wanted with the day (within reason, of course).  We went to church this morning, came home and had some fish and beans for lunch, then after the kids were down for naps, Mike went with his best friend (the one that isn’t me :)) to play some tennis.  I had time to be leisurely and then clean up a bit before they came back and another friend of ours came over.  The guys played some original Nintendo (woohoo), then played Heroscape – one of the games Mike loves to play but seldom gets to.  They stayed for supper – barbeque hamburgers – and finished their game.  Mike’s sister called just beforeeight and she and her fiance (who’s my buddy, just for the record) came over to play Wizard. 

The progress I’m referring to is being able to have that many people over without freaking out about the state the house is in.  Especially being able to have Lacey here – who’s kind of scary to have over because her standards of clean are so much different than mine.  And not only that, but after Mike served Lacey her water in a champagne flute, she said that we should use those when we invite her and Josh over for a fancy dinner.  I know she was hinting, but mostly joking, but I got the feeling that I could totally handle it.  And not only could I do it, but I should.  We have apparently hurt people’s feelings by not inviting them over for dinner or coffee.  This generally has everything to do with my fear of people seeing my mess.  So when I manage to get over it for any occasion, I’ve made progress.  Yes, I regress quite often, but I think it’s two steps forward, one step back.  I think.

So, it was a good day.  I made two separate batches of banana bread, so I even had something to serve for dessert.  Yay, me.  I’m feeling good about myself.  Which for me, is a very good thing.

Signing off.

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One response to “Progress

  1. Yay! for a good day!

    I usually go on a mad cleaning spree when I know people are coming over…but when people show up unannounced…I freak out and am totally stressed…

    Also…I’m sure you’ve watched the movie Pollyanna, with Haley Mills…if not, you should…anyway, when she fisrt goes to her aunt’s home she has a glass of milk at dinner in these gorgeous wide wine glasses…not sure if they’re wine or not…either way it has a stem…anyhoo…the first time I saw that movie, I was 9 or 10, I decided that when I grew up I was only going to serve beverages out of glasses like those…so just this last year I found some at Walmart of all places! So I bought several and only serve out of those 🙂 the kids love it!

    all of that to say….don’t save the fancy stuff for just company…use it all the time…no sense in letting the dust use it when you could be 🙂 and it’ll give you a feeling of regalness 🙂 and who doen’t like that?

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