Time for another one..

Yes, that’s right, it’s been far too long since I’ve written.  In part, it’s because I don’t want to admit my failure at cleaning my house.  I made a bit of progress a while back, but the only thing I’ve done consistantly is keep the sink shiny (Babystep number one from FlyLady) and keep the dining room table clear enough to eat supper at every night.  I suppose this is progress in a way, because for the longest time, we were eating regularly on the couch, and usually watching a movie while we ate (which is not a good habit to get into). 

 I’ve been spending far too much time on the computer.  I know it’s true, but I don’t know how to do anything about it.  There is just so much on the internet.  For instance, I’ve started following Lose Weight With Me and I love it.  This guy knows what he’s talking about -healthy living, rather than “lose weight fast”, which is what I’ve been doing for the last six months.  He’s candid and helpful in his posts.  Also, I’m addicted to Facebook.  Yes, first it was MySpace, then I discovered that Facebook seems to cater more to grown ups.  I get really tired of some of the stuff on MySpace..although I still use it.  Also, most of the people who I always wanted to have a MySpace (and didn’t), have Facebook.  So there you go. 

I feel like I am severely lacking in creativity today.  One good thing about today is that I discovered (through the blog mentioned earlier) an awesome video by Mika – Big Girl (You are Beautiful), and then started looking for more of his music – I LOVE IT!!  I like a lot of different kinds of music, and I’m not usually into pop, but this is a good kind of pop – the kind that makes you smile at the lyrics and want to dance.  Seriously, it’s hard to just sit here right now with some of his music in my head.  Well, except that the front shade is up, which means that if I started dancing, the neighbors would see me.  On that note, you know the old saying “Dance like no one’s watching.”?  Well, the only way you’ll catch me dancing is if no one really is watching.  I hardly ever dance around Mike.  Jenny and Elias are an exception…they love it when I dance (oooh, Mommy’s funny!!). 

Also online – I found an instructional video for making fabric from grocery or trash bags.  I have tons of these things, and I fully intend to make use of them and make some reusable thicker bags to take shopping with me.  I am so tired of throwing away plastic bags (it makes me feel guilty).  In direct relation to this subject, I also found an interesting blog: No More Garbage  I wonder if this couple has heard of melting bags together to make fabric….I’ll have to leave them a comment.

I think changing my diet and aiming for better health has made me more aware of other parts of my life that need changing.  For one thing, I want to start recycling more.  I am not an environmentalist by any means.  In fact, as some of you may remember, I once wrote a poem called “The Anti-Environmentalist Nightmare” which Brandi turned into a song for me.  However, when I start thinking about the amount of garbage we produce every month and how much of it could have been recycled, I feel guilty (I said that earlier, didn’t I?). 

I think this is also where the desire to clean my house comes from.  I’ve been throwing stuff out left and right – whether I’m actually throwing it away or giving it to a thrift store, I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff lately.  Clothes that I haven’t worn in ages, old journal entries or sermon notes that I don’t want or need anymore.  I gave the Action BC thrift store about four bags of clothes recently and I still have more that I could get rid of (I’m just sure of it, even though I haven’t gone through any more of it yet).  There are certain areas, though, that are very difficult for me to clean up.  Bills, paperwork, junk mail…it all usually ends up laying around so long I lose track of what’s new and what’s old.  This can turn into a real problem over time.  I need to have a system, I know.  I need to have places to put all that stuff so that it doesn’t get forgotten.  So far no word on whether we will have to pay a late fee on the gas bill I lost at the beginning of the month. 

I could keep writing, but I may actually try the plastic bag melting idea and I can’t do that and be on the computer at the same time (it’s a good thing, too, I need a break!).

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