Itchy Fingers

My fingers are itching.  This isn’t the right place for this sort of writing, but then again, I am still a messy housewife regardless of what I do with my time. 

My fingers are itching because I am feeling an intense need to be creative.  I’m learning how to reuse things and make new material out of old..I feel like starting a rag rug or sewing melted plastic bags together to make tote bags or painting or…well, there are all sorts of things because not only are my fingers itching, my brain is, too.  I feel as if it’s actually literal.  And it’s late.  Too late to stay up and do all these things because Mike has to get up and go to work in the morning, and Elias will probably wake up in six hours and I will be exhausted tomorrow.  This is normal for me – I’m a night owl, I always have been.  Since having my babies, I have become ready for sleep earlier and earlier in the day, but I still get these bursts of creativity late at night.  Why don’t they happen while my kids are napping in the middle of the day while Mike is still at work?!  It just doesn’t seem fair to me.  And now, this will be all the creativity I can have today, because unfortunately, I really do have to go to bed, if only for my poor husband’s sake.

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