On giving things away.

Well, after much discussion of the pros and cons of staying up later so I could soothe those itchy fingers, we went to bed.  I feared waking up without the same feeling, but it’s still there.  So I got up earlier than normal, put Elias back to bed and had my breakfast.  Any minute now, I imagine I’ll get up and have a shower and really start my day, but for now, I’m finishing up as much as I can on the computer because I may not come on any more today.  I probably will, but just in case my art gets carried away with itself, I’ll act as if I won’t be coming back on.   

As for the subject of this blog, I made a decision early this morning that I am ready to get rid of my Creating Sara dolls.  A great many of you won’t have a clue as to what they are, but if you’ve been to my house, you’ve seen the original on a cake platter under a dome lid.  She’s just a head of a doll, actually, but she, with her 27? piercings started me onto making dolls.  Actually, I used pre-made dolls, but then proceeded to change them considerably.  Some of them, I suppose, are downright scary.  But they served a purpose when I was younger.  I stopped making them and packed most of them up when I had Jenny.  I decided that people may just think poorly of my mothering skills if I had the things displayed all over the place.  I used to be certain that there was a market for them somewhere, and I’m still pretty sure of that, but I’ve decided that I need to be done with it.  They’re just taking up room in my shed and I don’t need them anymore.  The one doll that’s still in the house (other than Sara..she stays) I have already decided to send to my best friend back home.  Other than that, they’re up for grabs.  I have already made the post on MySpace asking if anyone wants any of them; the offer stands here as well.  It’s time to move on. 

You know, my dad once wrote an entire song about Creating Sara.  I was really into it back then.  Funny how life changes.



A few from the collection.



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3 responses to “On giving things away.

  1. kelsey

    that makes me sad. thinking back on the old days, my first summer camp when you revealed sara. i believe i even still have the picture somewhere. it is terribly unfortunate to grow up sometimes, you have to be the adult and make the difficult decisions to be responsible. it really sucks doesn’t it. even though their day has come to an end, thay brought me much happiness.

  2. Mom

    I’m glad you still have your dolls…they crack me up….

  3. Mom

    But I’m also glad you cleaning up…..it’s hard to keep everything

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