Stay at home mothering is hard when you’re sick.

I am learning again that being sick makes my job tough.  Yesterday, I felt like going back to bed as soon as I got up.  Getting dressed left me out of breath and picking Jenny up made me dizzy.  Today I’m not much better.  The first few hours weren’t so bad, probably because I got more sleep last night than the night before, but I still feel pretty sick.  On top of feeling so lousy, it’s way too hot here right now.  I know, it’s not nearly as hot as other places in the world are right now, but I wasn’t made for heat.  My week in Supai, Arizona is coming to mind right now…104°F in the shade.  That memory should make me feel better, because right now, it’s only about 80° inside my house.  It’s not working.  It still feels too hot.

In an hour and a half, I will go to the doctor and hopefully be told that I have the flu.  Or an infection that requires something simple to clear it up.  It would be great if my scariest thoughts were way off base and silly to even be thinking.  We’ll see.

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One response to “Stay at home mothering is hard when you’re sick.

  1. Carol

    so how are you feelig now??

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