Katie in the Kitchen

Ah, silliness.  That title sounds like a cooking show that might run on PBS.  Oh, well.

We are currently a little low on funds, and becuase of this, we have gotten lower and lower in food supplies over the last week or so.  We are just trying to delay our grocery shopping until next week, when Mike will get paid again.  I get a certain amount of money each month from the government – for my kids – but that amount got smaller this month due to Mike’s income being larger last year than the previous.  We came up a little short and we’re trying to avoid another really big VISA bill (we had a doozy back in June).  Normally when the checking account is low, we just use the credit card for groceries and such, but we’re trying to get back on solid footing financially this summer.  So, what that means and how it relates to my presence in the kitchen is that we are terrible when it comes to going out to eat.  We have made some changes in the last two months and have avoided it more often, but it is still a challenge to think of things to make every night at home than to go out once in awhile.  For the last week (or so), I’ve been challenged even more than normal to make do with what I have in the kitchen.  I’ve made rice and beans, rice and lentils, and black bean soup (made from things I had on hand, not even using canned beans!) just to name a few dishes from the last seven days.  I discovered a hidden package of tilapia filets last night, so we will be okay for another day, and we always have burgers (and veggie burgers for me) that Mike can barbeque.

This challenge has actually turned out to be fun.  I’ve had to be very creative in what I make for supper every night, even what I make for lunch for Jenny and myself.  The only things we’ve bought have been cheese, strawberries, lunch meat for Mike and milk, which is mostly for Jenny.  I’m glad that we only have six days left until Mike gets paid, but I might try to do this more often because I know it would save us money.


After double checking our account, I have discovered that when I calculated how much money we would have by the first of the month, I didn’t add in the monthly amount from the government.  We actually have $69 to play with, as far as I can tell.  I think, aside from possibly going to breakfast in the morning if someone invites us, we’ll go on pretending that I was right the first time, and still wait to do any shopping until Mike gets paid.  I think it’s been a learning experience for us, really.

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