It’s been awhile..

I get the feeling that I don’t have any regular readers, but I still feel bad when I haven’t written anything in some time.  And, today, I have something to write about.

 This goes back to making progress.  I made a lot in the last few days, so much that my mother-in-law said that it resembled the nesting instinct at the end of pregnancy.  I had the same thought, actually.  If I was nine months pregnant and cleaning like this, I’d be having a baby very soon.

 The progress I have made helped enough to make me feel completely comfortable in having twelve people over (four of them were rather small people, but with all the moving around they were doing, they took up more space than the grown-ups).  I made lentil soup that seemed to go over quite well, even though I suspect that most of my guests had never had it before.  There was room to sit down, I wasn’t concerned about people seeing my bathroom or kitchen counters (they’re very clean HOORAY!) and I had everything under control when it came to making lunch.  And it was fun!  I have managed to have people over before, but usually I am so concerned about what they think of my house that I can’t really enjoy the time while they’re here.  I didn’t worry one bit about it yesterday.

To me, that’s better progress than the actual work done on the house.  Now if I can keep it this way so that it will always be company ready and I won’t run around cleaning up in a frenzy.



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2 responses to “It’s been awhile..

  1. Just to let you know I check in on your blog. I enjoy reading it.

  2. I enjoy your blog but often forget to check to see if it’s been updated lately….sorry.

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