Well, on the fifteenth of September, we found out that my husband’s sister and her husband were expecting their first baby.  I was actually quite surprised to not be pregnant by then (as our son was a year old…one year, no birth control, no pregnancy seemed a little strange), and I said to Mike after they made their announcement, “Okay, now I really want to have another baby.”  Well, I found out yesterday for sure (after a week and a half of feeling pretty sick) that I’m pregnant and due June 8th, just less than a month after my sister-in-law.  Hooray! 

So I’m actually going to start another blog for anyone who is actually interested in my pregnancy in particular…and as a sort of journal of my pregnancy.  I decided that the messy housewife blog just wasn’t a good place to carry on about puking and doctor’s appointments and labour, etc.  I’ll write again when I’ve got the new one set up.


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  2. paperseed

    Congratulations, that is so wonderful. We’ve been trying for a while now with no luck, but I’m still optimistic…

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