Seven Random Facts

I wasn’t tagged (I wanted to be, but it just didn’t happen) so I took the advice of the author of The Rotund and decided to do it just because I felt like doing it.

Seven Random Facts about me 

1. I may have a messy house, but my closet is organized by type of article of clothing and by colour in rainbow order.  Sleeveless first, short sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve dressy t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, long sleeve button ups, sweaters, shorts skirts, long skirts.

2. I have an awful habit of starting craft projects and not finishing them.  I started a scarf and it took me over a year to finish it because I put it away for six months or something.  I started a blanket for someone last spring (maybe as early as February) and quit around May.  I’m just now taking it up again to finish it (hopefully). 

3. My crafting habits come and go in regular rhythm.  For instance, in the fall, I am usually in the mood to knit, but that only lasts until just after Christmas most years.  Spring is sewing, summer is painting, with a number of smaller projects interspersed amongst those.  Card making and cross stitching are two things I would like to do better, but feel I don’t have the time for.

4. I hate the word blog and I hate when people on the internet do not use proper grammar and spelling (luv u 2, for instance YUCK).

5. I would like to write a book, but I get so fixated on what the topic or theme would be that I never get any further than the first chapter (if I get that far).

6. I have a major food fixation.  When people talk about their vacations, all I really want to hear about is what they ate.  When I talk about going to exotic places, it usually has a lot to do with the food.  I am put off by the idea of going to certain places (Germany, England, Russia) because the food doesn’t appeal to me (or is too meat based).  I don’t think of myself as an overeater (generally, I’m not) but good food lures me in and makes me feel so utterly satisfied.  Maybe this means I could have been a chef (that’s the positive take on it, anyway….staying away from gluttony and the like).

7. I genuinely like Wal Mart.  Some nights when I need a break from my kids, I go to Wal Mart and take my time.  I look at the fish, check out the women’s and kid’s clothing sections, see if there is anything cheap in the fabric and craft department, browse the food aisles to see if there is anything we could have for supper.  I’m not so happy when the aisles are blocked off because of stock sitting all over the store, but aside from that, I find it relaxing.

So if you read this and you haven’t done it and you feel like doing it, go do it.  It’s fun (and sort of a challenge, as it’s best to use things that most people wouldn’t know about you).

Happy Pondering!

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