One project is officially half finished.  I am daring to say that even though I know that a good deal of the work I just did may be undone soon enough.  Jenny helped me clean her room today.  Jenny helped, Elias did the opposite and I tried to give directions that made sense to them.  Giving Jenny a specific task seemed to help – first I had her bring me all the books.  This saved me from walking around bent over for five minutes gathering them up.  It took her about ten to do it, but I got to sit in one place and keep Elias from tearing them off the bookcase.  Then I had her bring me other small toys and all the blocks…just one thing at a time until it was cleaned up.  I put a lot of the small things up too high for them to reach because it gets ridiculous with those things floating around the house.  I kept a small number of stuffed animals in a container on the floor, but otherwise, all of those are up or packed away.  Blocks, little people and other toy sets I left where they can get to them. 

I still have actual cleaning to do – sweeping up and such – and the closet and top of the bunk bed to finish, but those things can’t be done while I’m alone with the kids (unless I put them both in the playpen and tried to do it while they were still happy).  I’m now going to try to talk Mike into taking them somewhere in the next few weeks – just a few hours away so that I can take care of a few things before exhaustion sets in.  It seems that by the time they go down for their nap, I’m too tired to do much of anything.  I am getting pretty pregnant, I guess, so at least I have a good excuse.

As for the food obsession…nothing has gotten any better there.  I’m not surprised.  I think it’s in my blood.

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