Don’t leave laundry in the washing machine

I have titled this essay, “Don’t Leave Laundry in the Washing Machine.”

   Don’t leave laundry in the washing machine for more than one day.  If you leave it for longer than this, especially if you leave it for five days, it will start to smell bad.  It will start to smell really bad.  In conclusion, don’t leave laundry in the washing machine.

by Katie, age 24, obviously still learning how not to do things around the house.

But seriously, folks, it is bad.  And the rest of the house isn’t so nice either, but the laundry is definitely my problem area right now.  I have a really good excuse: a baby who sleeps in our bedroom.  I throw the clean launrdry on our bed and inevitably forget to fold it before we go to bed, at which time it gets thrown back into the laundry basket, therefore making it impossible to get the next load out of the dryer, making it impossible to put the next load into the dryer, resulting in wet laundry getting left in the washing machine for days at a time.  Now, I know, I could put it on the couch, but then my children would drag it all over the house.  I don’t want to fold it in our room when Erik is sleeping because I don’t want to wake him up.  So far, my best solution is to keep up on it so that I only have to do one load at a time, and when that load is done, I can take it into the living room when the kids are in bed and fold it while I watch a movie or do something with Mike.  It’s a good solution, but it’s hard to actually live by it.

As for the smelly laundry, I just put it in the dryer.  It took washing it two more times to make it smell okay.  I just hope I can avoid doing that again.


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