Something unrelated to housekeeping.

Things my three year old has been saying lately:

When asked to do something she’s just not ready to do (go to bed, come to the table, clean something up, etc.):  “But, Mama, I have some things I have to do.”  Generally she can’t tell you what those things are, but she’s busy, one way or another.

About her new baby brother: “Oh, he’s very, so so sweet.”  The “very, so so” thing can begin almost any statement, such as “Oh, I’m very, so so tired.”  Or, “Oh, I love you very, so so much.”

When she notices something new, and sometimes completely at random: “I can’t believe it!”

When she’s really mad about something, especially when she is watching a movie or playing and she has to go to bed and doesn’t want to: “Oh, I never, ever get to ______(watch a movie, play with my toys, etc.)!”  Usually this is followed up by another string of, “never, ever, ever!” and is accompanied by a very pained expression and plenty of tears.

This was just for a laugh.  Really, just as much for me as for anyone else.  I’m sure if you have or have ever had a three year old, you can relate.


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