Did I write yesterday? And the day before?

I was just saying to my mother that I prefer to write no more often than every other day, because I don’t want to get obnoxious.  And yet I keep coming back.  My apologies.  Maybe if I think of this as a journal that no one reads, I can get over my fears of disappointing people.

I’ve learned something about myself (again?).  I’ve really been wanting to paint, and have managed to do some sketching, but just haven’t gotten around to pulling out the canvas I bought and starting on something.  I have been spending too much time on the computer and not enough time doing other things.  What this means is that my house is wrecked (no surprise there) and I haven’t done anything creative.  In many ways, doing something creative – and cleaning up after myself – would relax me enough to get some housework done.  The trouble is that when my house is so messy, I don’t feel that I should be doing anything creative.  Yes, folks, it’s a vicious cycle. 

I just searched to see if “vicious cycle” could be found on wikipedia as one of the most overused phrases of all time, but instead found out that Vicious Cycle is a tribute band for Lynyrd Skynyrd in northeast Ohio.  Fascinating.  It also seems to be the name of a number of bike shops across the country.

Today, as much as I could complain more about my kids and the weird things they do that make my life more difficult, I won’t.  I need a nap and I think today I won’t deny myself the luxury of it.  I’ll just set my alarm for an hour from now and then if I can manage to get up, I’ll do something productive. 

Or just end up on the computer some more.  We’ll see.


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One response to “Did I write yesterday? And the day before?

  1. rgoodchild

    hell…I worry when I have two more posts on the same day…sometimes I sit there waiting for the “next day” to click in so I can write another ramble
    that’s addiciton…

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