Emergency Cleanup

What happens when members of your family want to come over to play a game and your kids are napping so you can’t really go anywhere (therefore, the suggestion of going to their house is out)?  You say, okay, and you clean.  Frantically.  In half an hour or less, usually.  And the best part?  Your husband helps!

Mike talked to his sister after we came home from a birthday party yesterday and she and her husband wanted to play a game.  Because our kids were napping, we had to stay here and having done not much of anything social, we wanted some interaction.  Mike passed the phone to me and I asked his sister why I was talking to her.  Her response?  “Mike wasn’t sure if it was okay if we came over.”  Like I’m his mom.  But he’s looking out for me.  At least…well…a dozen times? now, he’s invited people over not giving any thought to the mess in our house and it’s totally freaked me out.  So this was a nice gesture, and as soon as I hung up the phone (after saying yes), we went to work.  I started Mike on the dishes while I did some basic pick up.  We swapped jobs the rest of the time, sweeping, wiping down the table and countertops, picking up clothes and toys.  In the end, it only took about half an hour and the whole first part of the house (living room/dining room) was clean!  Not perfectly clean, but pretty good.  It has actually been a number of months since I could see my entire tabletop.  Okay, maybe it’s been almost a year.  Still, it’s clean now – wiped down and de-junked.  We were able to play a game on it and not push things out of the way.  Mike and I even played another game after the kids went to bed.  Usually I’m too lazy to want to push the mess aside and so I turn down game playing.  I was falling asleep by the end of the game, but it was still quite nice to do it.  It’s not like the house is perfect, but I’d invite almost anyone over right now, while usually I have a restricted list that is kept to Mike’s single guy friends (what will they care?) and my closest girlfriends and one sister-in-law (the one with a child..who can’t blame me for having a messy house now that she knows how easy it is with kids).

It’s not the same kind of satisfaction felt when the cleanup is thorough and far reaching and well thought through, but it’s still satisfaction that I felt this morning.  And maybe it will inspire me to do a bit more.  Maybe.  I’m not making promises here.


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