Marsha Avocado

These were the words written on my friend’s hand as reminders – to call another friend of ours and apparently to buy an avocado.  I went to drop my kids off at her house and she wasn’t there yet….I guess she didn’t remember that I was bringing them until she saw my van. 

What is my point?  Mommy brain and how to work around it.

Yes, writing on your hand works some of the time, but only if you follow through.  I have written things on my hands only to wash them and lose what was written on them.  I very often write phone numbers or appointment times down on sticky notes on my desk – only to find them days, weeks or months later and wonder what they were for.  Rather than write – “Erik doctor appt. Thur. 1:30” I write “Thur. 1:30”.  Phone numbers are scrawled on paper and then we find ourselves wondering whose they are.

So, I use a calendar in my computer and an address book that I keep at my desk all the time.  If someone gives me an address or phone number I need to remember and keep, I make an effort to write it in my address book immediately.  If I make an appointment, I enter it into my calendar with a reminder for one day in advance (any more advance warning and I would forget too often).  When I get bills, either in the mail or online, I enter the amount, the company and the due date in the calender with a reminder as well.  I also try to pay my bills way in advance whenever I can – this way I can empty those things out of my mental to-do list. 

Anyway, I strongly suggest using some sort of computerized calendar or if you’re brave and prefer paper, use a real calendar that you keep close to where you work each day (I spend a lot of time at the computer, so if I had to do paper, I’d just keep a desk calendar).  If that means keeping it hanging above your change table or your kitchen sink, go for it – as long as you’ll see it each day. 

I have other things to write about, but this one deserves its own post.


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