So far, so good.

My blog fast is going well so far.  Of course, I’m less than a week into it right now, but I haven’t had any major temptations up to this point.  I have started doing online jigsaw puzzles, but I’m trying to limit myself there, too.  As far as progress goes, I finished my first knitted purse and a small coin purse/cell phone holder/whatever and am about four rows away from having the body of my second purse finished.  I’m planning to completely finish the second purse and then move on to finishing the sewing project I’ve been at for over a year.  It needs to be finished by Christmas, since it is a gift that was originally intended to be a birthday gift for someone way back when I started it.  I think it’s time to get it done and give it away, as it’s taking up space and I can’t wait to see the reaction it will get anyway.  After that, I should probably sew some tote bags from the plastic bag material I made.  I started doing that a long time ago and it’s long overdue for finishing. 

Beyond all of those plans, I cannot say what I’ll be doing.  I may pick up a novel and decide I’d rather read for a few weeks than be artistic or crafty.  Who knows.

Just thought I should give you an update.  Pictures of the purses (or links to pictures) will be available soon.

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