New Addiction

Food blogs and craft sites are out right now, The Sims are in.  I’ve had updates that I could have written about, but I got The Sims 2 Double Deluxe (with Nightlife and Apartment Life) from Mike for my birthday.  I’ve been drooling over it for awhile, since The Sims game we bought at a neighbours’ garage sale crashed on me and refused to work again.  It cost us three bucks, so it was a big disappointment when it quit working (since it was such a bargain).  But now I have a more advanced game and I can’t quit playing it!  Along with that, I’ve also been working my way through a series of five suspense novels by Terri Blackstock, so blogging has not been at the forefront of my mind lately. 

So, what’s been happening with me? I turned twenty-five, had a major emotional breakdown, cleaned and re-cleaned my house as it got worse around me, and got really angry with my kids, to the point that I apologized to them for yelling so much afterwards (they’re two and three, so I’m not sure that the yelling or apologizing affected them much at all). 

I was trying to get my bedroom cleaned up, but that project has been scrapped as of late, since I can’t seem to find a good time to work on it.  I’m trying to get Erik napping at the same time as Jenny and Elias, so working in our room (where he sleeps) during nap time isn’t a good idea.  I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually, and I have had intentions of working on it, but with Mike’s work schedule as busy as it has been – meaning his absence from the home being lengthy – it hasn’t been a priority in my mind.

I packed up so many toys and books that I expected things to dramatically improve in the kids’ ability to keep their room clean.  I was wrong.  I still have to clean up after them way too often, and when they don’t have lots of toys to play with, they find other things to do.  This was the root of my yelling episode, when they unloaded every drawer they could reach from the dresser in their bedroom.  There were clean clothes everywhere in a messy room, which meant some of them had to go back to the laundry basket anyway.  Jenny has since decided that putting all the toys in the playpen is a good idea, and Elias persists in pulling blankets off of shelves and out of baskets and dragging them around the house.  Elias likes blankets – he calls them “boppies” and has a particular attachment to two of them that he likes to sleep with.

The emotional breakdown I had occured when Mike got a call at five o’clock the day before my birthday saying that he had to work the wind farm job all day Monday, meaning that he wouldn’t be home to take me out for dinner like we had planned.  I freaked out – I do that a lot – and then later in the evening, we called his sister and figured out that if we put the kids down to bed, we could have her and her husband come over and we could still go out.  We just barely made it to the restaurant before they closed (who closes at nine, anyway?!), but we got in soon enough to order and have a nice meal. 

Along with the Sims game, I also got a big fabric cutting mat and rotary cutter from my mother-in-law, which was another thing I was really wanting, and a certificate of sorts from one of Mike’s sisters and her husband to keep the kids and buy us a meal sometime when we want to go out on a date.  If you’re ever wondering what to get someone who has kids, try this out – I know I really appreciate being able to go on a date without my kids, and it’s even better if I don’t have to feel guilty because of the money we’re spending.

Today was a productive day, which is really surprising to me, seeing that I’ve spent the last two days using nearly all my free time to play my new game.  I just decided that the house was bad enough, so I did the dishes, caught up on some laundry, picked up a few things in the living room and fully cleaned the kids room with their help.  All that’s left to be done is sweeping up everywhere, but I’ll save that for another day, maybe one when Mike is home.  My back can only take so much – not to mention the fact that my brain doesn’t seem to be wired to clean all day. 

So, that’s where I’ve been.  I’ve not disappeared yet, but the Sims are threatening to drag me down again as I write…I have to go…they’re calling….

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