Time to write?

Who has the time anymore?  Not me. 

Okay, so it’s not busyness that has been keeping me away.  It’s those darn Sims.  It was a ridiculously good birthday gift that Mike bought me.  Even he’s hooked.  So, when the kids are occupied or sleeping, I play, and when Mike is home and gets the chance, he plays and I’ve been knitting.  At least something productive was being done.

Amazingly enough, I’m not behind on my laundry or dishes and the house isn’t really much worse than it normally is.  It’s just the online stuff that I’m slacking off on, and since I don’t think of this as being the real world, it’s not so bad.

So, I knitted a whole blanket.  Well, a whole baby blanket, anyway.  I’m pretty proud of it, even though I made a few mistakes and didn’t exactly piece it together perfectly.  It was a gift for my secret prayer pal from last year who had a baby on the 24th of September.  I made a pink and purple checkered blanket – size 15 needles, cast 20 stitches on and worked knit 2, purl 2 for 32 rows, then switched colours.  I made three strips like this – two purple, pink, purple strips and one pink, purple, pink strip and then sewed all three together to make a square(ish) blanket.  It was soft and cozy and pretty quick to make since I used such big needles and chunky yarn.  I had already given her an outfit for the baby, so I thought something homemade would be nice for her baby shower.  Turns out, for blankets, she only got the one I made her and the standard Olga quilt (from the mother of one of my husband’s friends who makes a quilt for just about every baby shower hosted at the church…her name is Olga, by the way).  I was glad to have put the time in to make it and glad to have it finished so I can move on to other things.  Next on the agenda is the sewing project that I’ve been avoiding for two months now.  The one I started way back in 2007.  It must be finished, so I’m just not going to do anything else until it’s done.  That’s the sound of me putting my foot down, just in case you were wondering.

So, anyway, my apologies for slacking off so much  here.  There will come a time (I assume) when The Sims will get boring and I’ll return to the land of food blogs, crafting websites, blogging, Facebook, emails and online friendships, but for now, I’m going to go build another house…or perhaps I’ll see if I can get my Sim’s lifetime aspiration fulfilled.  Wow, I’m such a nerd.



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2 responses to “Time to write?

  1. It is nice to read a blog where the reason for not being on is the Sims. I have been waiting for over a month now to get my computer up an running so that I can once again play. It is so addicting and yet relaxing for me. How about you?

  2. It’s mindless in a lot of ways – I don’t have to think about the real world for a while. I think at some point, I’ll get tired of it, but for now it’s nice to have. I’m actually trying to get some knitting done, though, because I’m selling my purses at a craft fair in two weeks…so now I’m watching movies while the kids nap and knitting at the same time.

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