Knitting for profit? No way!!

So ever since I made my first knitted purse, I have been thinking about selling them.  They are quick and easy to make (well, the lining is tough, but the rest is simple) and people like them.  The Farmer’s Market is too big of a commitment in my mind, since it’s not all that cheap to my knowledge and requires having enough to sell to be worth the money.  Maybe someday when I don’t have babies, I’ll be into that, but not yet.  I’ve brainstormed about other places I could sell, but it always seems too complicated to me.  But there’s a light at the end of this tunnel – I brought my newest creation to Bible study on Thursday to show my sisters-in-law and the younger of the two, who is the church secretary, said that she wants us all to do a craft fair on the fifteenth of this month.  She has about six pairs of mittens that she’d like to sell and my other sister-in-law crochets toques (sorry, Americans..umm, beanies?  What are they calling them these days – ski caps??).  So if we all go in on it together, we can have a pretty full table of stuff and it only costs fifteen dollars to get a table, so we only pay five apiece.  This means (to me) that if I can sell at least five dollars worth of purses, I’ll be happy.  I’m thinking of charging ten and up for the actual purses and two or three for the coin purses/card wallets I’ve also made.  Of course, I have this silly little dream that some local shop or gallery owner will stroll past and love my stuff and want to carry it in their store…but I always have dreams like that and I’m usually not let down when they don’t come true.  It’s sort of like my blog dream…someone important will read it and be impressed and give me a job writing a life column or something…sigh.

To tell the truth, I like being home with my kids and not having outside responsibilities, so either of the above things actually happening might not be the best thing.  And both things happening at this stage in my life would be as impractical as they probably are impossible.  I can write a lot, or I can knit a lot.  Not both.

Or I can play computer games and squander all my time on totally unproductive things.  Ah, there goes the Sims siren song again…


By the way, for anyone reading in my local area, the craft fair is at Dr. Kearney on November 15th from 10 am until 3 pm – come see us if you have the time, even if you’re not going to buy anything (but especially come if you’re going to buy 😉 ).


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8 responses to “Knitting for profit? No way!!

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

  2. Just wanted to let you know about It’s a great place you can sell your wares. It’s all about handmade goods and has a forum and great people to help you. You should take a look! I love your blog by the way!

  3. I do know about Etsy – it’s one of the craft websites that I found so addicting in September. What I’m wondering is how many Canadians use it. I don’t really want to deal with international shipping. Also, I really don’t have much, so it might not be ideal yet. Maybe someday…

  4. And Holly, thanks for reading! I’ll check out your site, too!

  5. Funny, I’ve had a similar blog dream!…LOL. I thought once I’m “discovered” perhaps I cold work from home writing occassional articles at my leisure? Too good to be true?

    Your purses sound cute! Can you take a picture of one and post it? I’d like to see one.

  6. I will definitely be posting pictures – either here or I’ll link to Flickr or something similar.
    Yes, I’m afraid that the blog dream is probably too good to be true, but stranger things have happened. 🙂

  7. Mom

    Always love you writing…you got the writing gene from someone. I miss you and am thinking about Christmas and getting the gifts sent to you. Was a crazy weekend with Weston, wish we had some with your kids.

    Love ya,

  8. Mom

    Does Cindy know about your blog? She would probably enjoy it.

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