About the craft fair

Well, as my sister-in-law put it, it was more like a craft FAIL.  I like that.  It’s true. 

Apparently, people who go to craft fairs in this town like Tupperware and fleece sheet sets (excuse me, but if you’re going to call it a “craft” fair, why on earth would you allow Tupperware and sheet people to have tables?!?) and would rather not buy hand knitted useful items.  My sister-in-law sold three pairs of mittens, one of them to someone we know and the other two to people with loads of money in hand.  I, however, sold only one small green coin purse to a ten year old boy who had previously spent hours wandering by our table, trying to be nonchalant about it, fingering the little thing and looking it over.  I wondered what his obsession was with it – after all, knitted coin purses don’t seem to be something that little boys would want to buy.  But, as Lacey said, little boys do funny things.  And I suppose that it was the one piece that I had that was somewhat masculine looking – a nice earthy green with a wood looking button.  The buyer then spent the next hour or so repeatedly removing and replacing it in the back pocket of his jeans.  Oh, how I do love little boys sometimes – he reminded me of my little brother in the times that I got along with him.

Anyway, thank goodness for my mother-in-law, who came by early on, picked out the things she liked and then said if they didn’t sell, she’d buy them from us.  She picked out three pairs of Lacey’s mittens and wouldn’t you know it – out of the ten she had and the three that sold, two pairs were ones that Mom wanted.  She picked out two of my coin purses and one handbag and in the end, I made twenty-four dollars total (the little boy managed to pick the very cheapest thing I had – he spent two dollars on it).  It felt a bit like a pity purchase on her part, but she says she’s thinking of them as gifts, so I’ll try not to read into it any different than that.  I am pretty proud of my work, so I shouldn’t feel bad about it; it just felt a bit funny selling things to my mother-in-law.

I have officially not knitted in twenty-eight hours now, probably the longest break I’ve had in three weeks.  I plan to take the next week off and clean.  Yes, clean.  My house has completely gone to pot while I’ve been knitting my fingers off, and while I have projects to finish, I’d rather finish them when my house is in better shape.  This almost physically hurts me, thinking of cleaning, but it simply must be done.  Christmas is coming quickly (our family drew names for gifts today, so I know it’s not too far off) and when it is here, the house will not be able to stand up to the barrage of stuff that inevitably comes with it, so it may as well start off looking decent.

In other news, I’m going to have another nephew or perhaps a niece at last!  Lots of people who have heard the news don’t seem very excited, as my sister-in-law did just have a baby six months ago, but I couldn’t be happier for them.  If the dates are correct, they will have the same space between their first two kids as I have between mine, and I have really enjoyed it.  Most people in our society would call us crazy and say we’re damaging our children because we can’t give them enough time on their own, yada yada yada, but I think it’s been great for my kids – they are such good friends even now.  I can only hope that Alaina feels the same way once she’s experienced it.

Oh, yes, I have my purse pictures posted on Flickr – right here.  Now you can see what nobody here wanted to buy.

One thing we observed was that the purple purse with the pink pom poms was repeatedly touched and almost everyone who touched it said the same three words: “Oh, how cute,” and then walked away.  Apparently it was so cute that they just couldn’t bear to buy it.  How nice.


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