Ridiculously wonderful

I came home hungry tonight and against my better judgement began preparing something to eat.  We stopped for chili at Wendy’s for Mike on the way home, so I thought it was only fair that my poor belly get something as well.  My first thought was toad in the hole (fried piece of bread + egg in the middle with slightly runny yoke + lots of butter), but then I realized that the avacado on my counter really needed to be eaten today if I wanted to avoid brown spots and mushiness.  So I decided to have an avacado sandwich on fried bread.  Buttered both sides of two pieces of bread, fried until crisp, slapped on the avacado, added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some sea salt and dug in.  It’s good, but suddenly a better idea popped into my head – something I vow to make sometime in the near future (or at least when I happen to have avacado in my house).  I have a love of biscuits and gravy.  Well, homemade by me, anyway, since I’m a vegetarian.  I just use a veggie sausage and make a basic white gravy and season it well.  I also love fried eggs.  So, here’s the plan.  Two pieces of fried bread, one avacado, one fried egg over medium, one good helping of vegetarian sausage gravy poured over the top of it all.  Oh, artery clogging goodness, how I wish you were mine right now.

I’ll let you know when I get around to making this one.

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