Odd news?

This caught my eye this morning.  It makes me laugh – apparently Mike and I could have had a write up in the newspaper and maybe even made it onto a major news source when we chose not to kiss until our wedding day.  I’m sure not everyone feels the same way I do (in fact, I’m certain that there are few outside very strict religious communities), but it makes me sad that this is considered odd news.  What’s so strange about not kissing, about saving as much physical intimacy as is possible for your wedding day?  Let me tell you something – I heard it all – people saying “what if he’s not a good kisser?” and “how do you know that you have physical compatibility?” up until my wedding day, but our honeymoon was wonderful and there were certainly no problems caused because we didn’t kiss – we’ll be married five years in February and we have never had problems in that area (without getting into details, but I’m certain that anyone reading here will understand).  So, if you’re reading and you’re thinking about when to kiss or when to do anything else, here’s a thought – your marriage just may be strengthened if you wait as much as possible for the little things, and I firmly believe it will be greatly enhanced by saving sex especially for your wedding night.  Society will tell you otherwise, but I’ve experienced it and it works.

Not much in the theme of this blog, but I had to mention it.



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2 responses to “Odd news?

  1. Just wondering and don’t feel like you have to answer, but is your husband the only man you’ve ever kissed?

  2. The only MAN, yes, but unfortunately I was once a silly teenager who didn’t think about the future much. I kissed two BOYS when I was a teenager (they were older than me, but definitely boys still), both of which I had very short or even nonexistant relationships with. I was seventeen the last time and it was that relationship (or lack thereof) that made me realize that I ought to save kissing for the man I would marry. I have always regretted those kisses and wish that my first kiss with my husband had been my real first kiss, as it was for him. I knew after my last relationship what kissing could lead to – it never did go farther than kissing, but I understood how easy it would be to let it go to far – so I decided that it would be best if I just didn’t kiss until my wedding day. My husband, when he became my fiance, agreed to this, and while it wasn’t always easy, we both feel that it was a great decision for us.

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