One step closer..

To my Canadian citizenship!  My application has moved to step three in a four step process – the last of which is total completion after testing and taking an oath.  I have been checking my application status since October, when I found out that my application had entered processing.  So far, things are moving along a good deal faster than they are supposed to.  I was counting on being done between May and October, but I have a feeling that it may be sooner than that.  Hooray!  The main reason that this is so important is that we were told when we bought our house that if I was not a citizen when we sold, we would lose 25% on our selling price.  We have continued to assume that this is true, even though no one else has confirmed it.  We are in no place to sell our home now, but we hope to be in the next year or so, especially if another baby comes in that time (or is on its way).  Now if only Mike’s boss would get on the ball and give him that promised raise….that he should have had in the summer.

I was going to write about my favourite posts on my favourite blogs, and I probably will later on, but I had to shout about this a bit first.  Yay, me!!  Yay, Canada!!


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