Loss of wisdom

Teeth, that is. I just received a call from the surgeons office to book an appointment to have my wisdom teeth taken out.  I discussed this possibility with my dentist in November and explained the situation – that it was possible that I could be pregnant by the time they would be able to get me in, and that I was breastfeeding and this may also be a conflict.  We decided that it was better to have the referral sent and to book an appointment and then to cancel later if I do get pregnant by then.  My appointment is booked for June 20th, and according to the lady I talked to on the phone, I am not supposed to nurse for twenty-four hours after surgery.  However, I looked up “breastfeeding and surgery” and found a website that claims I can probably nurse safely after four hours.  They say there that I should pump and dump at four hours post-surgery and then nurse as normal after that.  I’m having the surgery at eight in the morning, and I know that when Jenny was a year old, she was nursing once in the morning and once at night, so it’s possible that if I’m still nursing Erik – I plan to be – five days after he turns one, he will eat before my surgery and then be able to nurse in the afternoon.  Even if I have to pump milk and give him cow’s milk that evening and not nurse until morning, I guess it’s better to get it over with anyway, unless I’m pregnant, in which case, they won’t even do the surgery.  But I am not going to force wean Erik just to have my wisdom teeth taken out, so if he’s not taking a cup well or is still nursing all day, I may have to cancel it.  However, one of my wisdom teeth has been bothering me considerably for a while now – making me bite my cheek every time I close my mouth completely – so getting them out seems very smart right now.  I just have to pray that God will prevent pregnancy until after my surgery.  And keep nursing Erik frequently, so that maybe I won’t even be ovulating at that point and won’t have to worry about a possible pregnancy at all.  I think if I am not pregnant then (as far as I know), I may take a test a week before the appointment so that I can cancel if I need to.  It would be good for my peace of mind to know that I’m not pregnant during surgery, anyway. 

Anyway, I’m rambling, but it helps to get my thoughts about this whole thing out of my head.  I am nervous about having surgery, as the closest I’ve ever come to surgery is either getting stitched up after giving birth to Jenny (and that was not a c-section, just an episiotomy) or having an ingrown toenail fixed when I was a kid (they called it surgery, but it was just a numb toe).  My biggest concern is not the pain or being under, if it is a general anaesthetic, but what it may do to my breastfeeding relationship with Erik.  After reading most of the book I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided that I want to nurse Erik for a long time if I do not get pregnant again soon.  I was committed to giving my children at least a year, and the biggest reason I quit nursing Jenny and Elias when I did was because I was pregnant again.  With Jenny, I assumed weaning would take a few weeks at least, but on the morning of her first birthday, she had her last nursing and never asked for it again.  I was not giving her bottles, either, just a cup of cow’s milk, so I guess she just decided she was done.  Elias was nursing so much at a year that I thought I might nurse him until he was two.  Then, when I found out I was pregnant and due in June, I thought I would nurse him for a few more months at least, but my milk must have changed and he started biting me.  I have been allowing Erik to nurse at night, so I think I may have a longer break between pregnancies this time and that leads me to believe that he may still be nursing quite a bit at a year.  I don’t want one morning of being drugged up to make him quit nursing, but I’ve never tried going a whole day without nursing and then starting back up again after – especially not with an older child.  My one consolation is that if it does cause Erik to stop nursing sooner than I want him to, I am not done having children, in fact, I want three more, so any mistakes I make or regrets I have with him I can still make up for somewhat with the next baby.

Anyway, I’ve been spending too much time on the computer the last few days and I really should do something productive, like clean up the mess in the living room where Jenny decided to make a bed.  She took all the extra blankets out and piled them up, added some throw pillows and put herself and her brothers to bed yesterday.  They didn’t actually sleep there, but most of the mess is still there.  I was feeling very unmotivated to work at all earlier today because my sciatic nerve was bothering me.  I took some Ibuprofen and seem to be feeling better now, so I don’t have a good excuse not to do the work.  So, then…I guess I’d better do it.  Or at least give it some more thought while I finish up all the other things I was doing on here.


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