Restoration of Normality

And…we have normality.  Oh, wait, never mind.  I was thinking of a movie line.  Just as soon as I start to feel better, all three kids decide to be sick.  Poor little Erik is so miserable – his eyes are always watery and he’s had a fever almost the whole day.  His cough sounds terrible and his nose is’s really not a nice place here right now.  So, in a move away from all this talk of illness, I bring you news of progress, and pictures of children. 

I folded and put away the bulk of something like six loads of laundry tonight.  The only stuff not put away is what’s in the dryer and the kids clothes (they were already in bed when I did this…it’s not worth the risk of waking them up to put it away tonight).

As for pictures, I don’t post them often, but I think I have beautiful children, so I think I’ll share.  It’s much more uplifting looking at happy children than hearing about the nasty cough they gave each other – and Mommy.


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