Writers block

Just wanted to let everyone know that this illness did not kill me off and that I’m alive, if not well.  I got over tonsillitis, caught a cough, was finally feeling better yesterday when I came down with a full blown cold.  Couple that with a serious lack of sleep (my own fault) and it makes me one very uninspired blogger.  I also have two children who are still sick after two weeks – they’re on antibiotics now – and one baby who is still not quite over what he had.  Did I mention that his cough was so bad and his breathing so rough that I had him in the hospital overnight last week?  Yeah, and then he was on antibiotics.  Our family has certainly had no lack of medication in the last three weeks or so.  I finished mine just as Erik was starting his, and then the day after he finished his, Jenny and Elias started theirs (yesterday). 

Also, I had started to write last week when my keyboard batteries died on me.  Alas, I had only one set of rechargeable AAA batteries, so I had to wait overnight to use the computer again.  By the time things were up and running, I just didn’t feel like writing.  I still don’t feel like writing, but I know it bugs me when other bloggers go weeks without writing…I always think they’ve died or something.  I know, I’m a bit of a pessimist.

I’ll write again when I feel up to it…for now, I’d rather do something really unproductive.  Like sit around reading and blowing my nose every two minutes.


Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the huge amount of housecleaning progress made on one of my healthier days.  I took Mike to a hockey game the day before his birthday, and I was having someone come over to babysit, so in true Katie fashion, I cleaned my house pretty thoroughly on Monday.  I spent two and a half hours doing that and shoveling the driveway (yes, more snow), and at the end, I didn’t get it all done, but I did feel pretty good about what I did get done.  The kitchen, bathroom, hallway and living room all got a good cleaning and de-cluttering.  The dining room and entryway tables are still pretty bad, but it actually didn’t bother me considering what I accomplished in the rest of the house.  Anyway, just thought I’d throw that in there.  I haven’t actually been laying around for two and a half weeks.


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  1. Katie, I hope your family starts feeling better soon! It can be SO hard when everyone is sick. It’s draining. I understand what you mean about not feeling like writing anything during a time like that…

    …It is good to know you’re still alive though;)

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