I love my kids!

I was writing an email to a friend I haven’t heard from in ages and wanted to attach a photo of my kids, especially since she sent a picture of her kids in her email to me.  I went through my pictures of the last few months, and I just didn’t like any of them enough.  I wanted a picture of all three together, but the only ones I had just weren’t great.  So I stopped the movie they were watching, put them all on the couch, made some minor threats 😉 and encouragements, and got a gorgeous picture of them – they’re all smiling!  This never happens.  So, here are my three beautiful children on this chilly winter morning, all snug in their pajamas and giving me terrific smiles, and best of all, being cooperative.  Hooray!!

Jenny, Erik and Elias

Jenny, Erik and Elias



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2 responses to “I love my kids!

  1. Adorable! How amazing is it that you got all of them to smile like that on a whim!

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