Simply unbelievable

Four o’clock yesterday afternoon, I suddenly realized that I had a sore throat.  My cold was almost gone, so I thought it was strange and there was no way it was related.

Yeah, I have tonsillitis again.  I have now been sick for a month with only a few days of health.  We are going to Edmonton on Thursday for our anniversary so at least I got sick when I did and not two days from now.  I’m on antibiotics again which means that we have only had a few days of no antibiotics in our household in the last month.  The other good thing about catching it when I did is that I was able to drive myself to the emergency room and get my medication before I got to the point where I couldn’t drive.  I will also get three doses today, which gives me a jump on feeling better.  One thing is for sure – I have got to start figuring out how to help my immune system

On a good note – I found some cream that is actually helping Erik’s skin and it’s not a steroid.  I just started it yesterday and there is already a big change in how bad the eczema on his cheeks is.

Anyway, that’s all because now I don’t think I feel like sitting here anymore.



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3 responses to “Simply unbelievable

  1. Oh no! I hate being sick! I hope you guys are feeling better soon!

  2. Hey! Are you guys alright over there?. Just checking:)

    • Katie

      Yeah, we’re doing a lot better, although Mike is sick now. It seems our family just can’t get illness out of the house yet. New post coming soon on our anniversary trip (on which Mike and I were both healthy, thankfully).

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