Five years!

 Mike and I celebrated five years of marriage this past Saturday by taking a trip to Edmonton, Alberta for the weekend.  For people living in small towns like ours, hours away from decent shopping, a trip like this is a dream.  Edmonton is home to the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in North America, and it is also home to an Ikea and a large number of other stores and restaurants that we have no access to here.  We hit the mall and Ikea on Friday before parking our van near our friends’ house and taking the LRT (light rail transit) to downtown Edmonton.  We stayed at the Delta Centre Suite hotel, which is in the Edmonton City Centre mall, so basically, we could walk out of our hotel and we were in the mall.  Mike is not into shopping so much, but the mall is also connected to a pedway system that connects a good deal of downtown at, above and below street level.  We walked this system last year when we were in Edmonton for a conference and Mike loved it.  So, when I wanted to shop and he was tired of waiting on me, he walked every direction on the pedway that he could.  We had lunch with Mike’s cousin and his wife and son, shopped, hung out together, watched TV in our hotel room and on Saturday night, went for a very nice supper at Lazia, which is right across from our hotel, still inside the mall (we actually never went outside from Friday night until Sunday morning). 

Our supper was possiblythe most gourmet meal I’ve ever had, and I felt an awful lot like a real foodie with the options available and the presentation of my Colossal Prawns dish (panko crusted crab cake, cooked shrimp ceviche, miso soya sugar snap peas, basmati rice, sweet pineapple curry, tomato & corn confit), which was very good, although I would never call those prawns “colossal”…more like jumbo.  Mike had a twelve ounce New York steak with asparagus and mashed potatoes, which he said was wonderful.

Anyway, the one hiccup of the weekend is that fact that Erik decided to be sick Friday night and Saturday.  He threw up twice right around midnight, the first time all over me, which made me get up and shower, even though I had just had a long bath.  He didn’t eat much at all during the night, but I fed him in the morning before breakfast and he threw that up, too.  Thankfully, he never seemed to get dehydrated, as he ate during the day on Saturday and didn’t lose it.  During our supper, though, I had just asked Mike to pass him to me when I smelled something foul and saw that he had pooped and squeezed it halfway up his back.  This was where the location of our hotel turned out to be a really REALLY good thing.  We hadn’t gotten our food yet, so I just ran up to the room and changed his diaper and clothes before going back down.  As I waited for the elevator, though, he threw up again.  Luckily, he burped and I turned him away from me just before he threw up.  Otherwise, I may have been in for another shower and a change of clothes when I should have been having supper.

We got home Sunday night and Mike started feeling sick.  He went to work yesterday, but didn’t feel well all day, and today, he’s at home.  There’s some sort of stomach bug going around now, so just as we’re getting over the cold-like illness, we’re dealing with lots of stomach irritation.  I don’t quite feel sick yet, but I don’t feel normal, either.  I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, so Mike staying home turned out to be a good thing.  This way, I can just put the kids to bed and leave them here with him.  As long as they stay asleep most of the time I’m gone, he shouldn’t be bothered.  I will probably have to take Erik with me and break my no-babies-carried-in- car -seats rule and just take him in it so he can be contained and not taking up too much space while I get my teeth cleaned.  I HATE carrying babies in car seats and we have a rule that honestly doesn’t get broken often – I’ve only carried Erik inside in his car seat twice, once on my birthday when I had a few hours without the kids and I wanted to get things done without waking him up (he had fallen asleep in the car) and once when I was getting the oil changed and had to take all three kids with me and wait half a hour in a very small, very kid unfriendly room.  Just in case you’re wondering, my reasons for this are twofold: one, I have a bad enough back already without adding the weight of car seat + baby dragging one arm down; two, I find that babies carried in their car seats often spend more time in them than in their parents arms, which I’m really not a fan of.  If we carry our babies in with us, we don’t have the hassle of taking them out of the car seat and we start out holding them so there’s no temptation to just let them sleep or play or whatever in their seat.  I am just about the only person who seems to abide by this rule in our town…I rarely see people carry their babies inside in their arms until they are too big for the infant carrier style seats.  Also, Mike is totally in favour of this rule and even less likely to break it than I am.  It was something we agreed on before we had kids and we actually had people betting that we’d change our minds when we had our first baby.  Three babies later, and the rule has only been broken three or four times total.

Anyway, my kids are crying, Erik has learned to creep (that was going to be the title of a post: My creepy son), which means he’s now getting around by himself and getting into things, and Mike is attempting to sleep on the couch, which is perhaps a bit more trouble than help, since the kids see him and bother him even though we’re trying to do things as though he wasn’t here.  I might just have to wake him up and tell him to go to bed.


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2 responses to “Five years!

  1. Congrats on the five year anniversary! We’ll hit five years this June! Doesn’t time just fly by when you’re having fun?…(and babies;)

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