We have…infection.

Not that I’m surprised.  But this time, no antibiotics.  Since I’ve been on them twice in the last five weeks, the doctor just didn’t want me on them again unless it’s absolutely necessary.  So, for now, I’m just sick and taking tylenol and grapefruit seed extract hoping that I can get the infection to go away.  And I am going to be scheduling an appointment with my doctor to talk about having my tonsils out.  Today I’m going for a mono test and blood tests to check my liver functions.  At this point, it’s a matter of figuring out why I’m not getting better. 

Meanwhile, Elias decided one full day after his fall to fall on his head again.  He stood up on his chair and before we could do anything, he was on the floor.  I had to go to the doctor anyway, so we all went (Elias’s third visit to the emergency room in twenty-four hours) and he saw Elias and me at the same time.  I’m seriously considering taking the advice that my parents and my sister gave me and getting him a helmet.  Mike’s family would probably think I’m nuts, but another bad head injury could mean serious problems and probably a trip out of town to a neurosurgeon.  I do not even want to go there.

I probably won’t have results of my tests for a week or so, but the doctor did say he really doubts that I have mono because I don’t have swollen glands like I should if I had it.  My suspicion is that my tonsils are just keeping infection in deep pockets and never really healing up.  But who knows?



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5 responses to “We have…infection.

  1. Oh wow…I know this must be such a hard time for you guys…I will be praying for your family! I hope you get your strength back soon!

  2. I hope he doesn’t either! LOL!

    It’s funny that you like Benjamin, that’s one of my fav’s too! Hubby and I both really like Elias as well. We may end up with some duplicate children:)

    • Katie

      Sounds good to me. 🙂 I’m always excited when people tell me they like some of our baby names. If it was someone in my family, I might feel different, but I don’t mind at all if my friends name their kids like mine.

  3. Even m suffering from tonsil problem since very long now. They are healed yet, it creates loads of problem while eating and drinking as I have to take care of what m eating and all

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