Time Management

At the moment, all my children are awake, but the older two are in bed and should be sleeping soon.  The youngest is babbling away in his high chair eating a rice cake, but soon will need to be nursed and then will go for a nap as well.  The question on my mind right now is whether to spend that precious nap time sleeping or doing something creative.  My fingers are feeling a bit itchy today and sewing or painting would probably do the trick if I want relief.  However, I am on self-enforced bed rest, so it might be best to just sleep or relax while the kids nap.  But then again, the bed rest is non-restrictive (I made all this up, by the way), so maybe doing something creative shouldn’t be against the rules.  Maybe only doing productive things should be against the rules (isn’t that convenient?).

….Twenty minutes later….

I have now had a phone call from my grandmother that came when I was in the bathroom (don’t you just love those calls?), I have nursed Erik and put him to bed, went in to the kids room and gave them a good talking to about what they were supposed to be doing (after I found them sitting up talking and Jenny in only her underwear – “I was trying to be a princess!”) and returned to this question of what to do with an easy answer: take it easy.  I believe I will pick up my Tracey Bateman book (easy to read, somewhat silly chick lit..something I believe every woman needs now and again) and read until I feel like sleeping, at which time I will put the book down and attempt to take a nap.  I think this is a good idea.  I can deal with the itchy fingers later today after the kids are in bed.  Adieu.

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