False alarm

This is getting pretty bad.  I’ve started thinking in Facebook status updates and blog titles.  It is apparently my new language.  It’s like when people learn a new language and finally get so proficient at it that they start thinking in it.  Yeah, that would be me now.  

The false alarm mentioned above is not a pregnancy.  You know, just in case that’s what you thought.  It is another case of tonsillitis that I was sure I had last night.  I had a headache, my ears hurt, my glands felt a little swollen and my throat just didn’t feel quite right.  I took a grapefruit seed extract pill (GSE), a packet of Emergen-C and two tylenol.  Either it was all in my mind, or all that stuff made it go away.  Or it’s just hanging around waiting for me to let my guard down again. 

We had a good weekend – Mike got up early Saturday morning and went snowboarding, and since the kids had spent the night Friday night at Mike’s parents, I had the morning to myself with just Erik.  I’m a baby person, so this suits me just fine.  We had a leisurely morning and then did some shopping and went for sushi.  Erik isn’t much for lunch company, though, so I bought a cheap book at the Christian bookstore right by the sushi place.  We then went and got my hair cut.  It’s way shorter than it’s been in years – maybe since before middle school.  I like it, though; it’s a welcome change.  I always said that I wasn’t going to be one of those moms who chops her hair off as soon as she has kids, and I did pretty well – I kept it long until now.  And it’s not boy short, so I don’t think it really counts.  It always bugged me to see these women who were so totally stressed out about having babies, they couldn’t manage long hair.  I would rather keep my hair long and keep it pulled up all the time than cut it for that reason.  I needed a change this time, and had a free haircut to boot, so I went for it.  The strangest thing about it was having my hair cut by a sixty year old man.  At least I’d guess him to be sixty.  I’ve never actually had my hair cut by a man, let alone an old, married straight guy.  It’s pretty much unheard of to see men working in the salon industry up here – it is filled with mostly nineteen to twenty-five year old girls.  The amazing thing is that he actually did a good job on my hair.  I just didn’t expect a guy like that to know how to properly cut a woman’s hair.

So that was Saturday, or most of it.  The evening was spent at my in-laws, playing Space Beans with them and my brother-in-law.  We had a big supper when Mike and his sister and friend came back from snowboarding, and after a short dip in the hot tub, came home and went to bed.  We were still pretty worn out on Sunday, but we did manage to have a nap in the afternoon.  The sore throat and off feeling I had last night was probably for the best, because I went to bed instead of staying up with Mike. 

Anyway, here’s a picture of the new hair.  Part of the reason I went short is because I’ve lost so much weight in the last few months.  I’ve never felt comfortable having short hair when my face is pudgy, but I felt like I could get away with it now.



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2 responses to “False alarm

  1. Carly

    I LOVE your short hair by the way. It looks hot. Haha.

    • Katie

      Ha! You’re funny! Thanks, though, I love it, too. And hubby thinks I’m hot pretty much regardless of what I do with my hair. 🙂

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