An idea..

I got this idea yesterday but then had to shovel the driveway and so this post has been put off until today. 

I was trying to think of how I could incorporate God into my blog for at least a little while.  The idea came to me to start getting verse a day emails and then find how they relate to my life as the keeper of this home.  I just subscribed, so I haven’t gotten the emails yet, but the website I subscribed to had today’s verse posted.  They are not automated verses, either, but hand picked, which makes it even more special. 

So, for the next month, while I will still post my usual ramblings and complaints (me, complain? no!), I will first post the verse of the day and at least a short blurb on its meaning to me.  This would have been better had I started on the first of the month, but now I don’t want to wait another week until April 1st, so I will start today.  In another post.

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