Day 3: Matthew 16:26

For a reminder of what I’m doing this month, read this post.

Matthew 16:26

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

This verse comes on a day when I was determined to get things done and instead just feel tired and mildly sick.  To me, gaining the whole world may mean having a house that is a perfect, peaceful haven of cleanliness, or perhaps having children that impress everyone with their perfection, or even having more material goods that I feel would make my life easier (a newer van, a bigger house, the ability to go on nice vacations).  Even if I have all of this someday, the most important thing I can do is to have a relationship with my Saviour.  There will come a day, in eternity, where all of this will only matter if I used my time wisely or wasted it.  It won’t have anything to do with how often I mopped my kitchen floor, but rather, how often did I reach out to my neighbours? how often did I tell my kids I love them and that Jesus loves them, too? did I make time for God in my daily life?  This is both reassuring and terrifying.  I focus all too often on the daily chores I have to do as being all important and too often worry about what other people will think of my skill (or lack thereof) as a homemaker, when really, I should be putting my first thoughts and greatest efforts towards Godly living.  I know deep down that if I put this effort in, I would have an easier time keeping things in order, or at the very least, having a lot less stress about it.  The last thing I want to do is reach the end of my life and realize that I put too much of my time into worrying about my house or what people think about me, and not enough time with my family and friends, and most importantly, God.


This verse of the day comes from VOTD.


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