Day 4: Psalm 18:1

For a reminder of what I am doing this month, read this post.

Psalm 18:1

I love you, Lord; you are my strength.

For some reason, VOTD has not posted a new verse of the day for today, so I searched “March 31, 2009 verse of the day” and this one came up, from  Not where I would have searched for a verse of the day, but it will do. 

This is simplicity in a verse.  I do love my Saviour, and He is my strength.  The key here is acknowledging day in, day out, that He is my strength and He alone.  Without Him I am nothing, and I can accomplish nothing.  I have tried this path in the past, and it leads to destruction and disappointment.  If I hold onto my love for Him, and continue to get to know Him each day, this strength can truly be felt in my life.  It is similar (although far greater) to my relationship with Mike.  I love him, and he is a great help to me.  He can help lift me up when I fall down and is always a shoulder I can cry on.  When I work towards better knowing and understanding my husband, I love him more and am more accepting of the strength he offers to me.  Take this earthly relationship and multiply it by thousands upon thousands, and this is what God offers us – unconditional love, a constant listening ear, forgiveness from all our sins, eternal life with Him.

Today, I felt God’s strength in tangible ways – patience with my children (not at each moment, but better than most days), motivation to work in my home.  I made caramelized onions and vegetable soup, using all the produce I spent so much money on to make nourishing and tasty things for my family to eat.  The vegetable soup is my effort to feed the kids veggies without them balking at the plate.  I pureed it and they haven’t had it like that yet, so we’ll see if it works.  Erik did have some that I put through the hand mill and he seemed to enjoy it.

Tomorrow I have the day off, or mostly, from my oldest children.  I’m running errands in the morning while they all stay with my friend, and then I’ll have lunch with them and take Erik home with me to get some house work done.  I’m trying to do some work now so that I can get more accomplished tomorrow, but it’s hard to know where to start.  At the very least, I need to get laundry done today, even if I have to do it after Mike gets home.

Anyway, I know that all this will get done and it will be easier to do if I don’t think of it as too trivial to ask God to help me.  He cares about my home life and my family and can help me even in this thing that I hate doing – cleaning. 🙂

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