Day 7: Psalm 119:135

For a reminder of what I am doing this month, read this post.

Psalm 119:135

Look down on me with love; teach me all your principles.

Isn’t it amazing that God looks down on us with love?  We can screw up time and time again, and while I do believe He is disappointed when we do, that unconditional love never goes away.  Along with this love comes a desire to speak to us and teach us His ways.  He wants to speak to our hearts and lives and the only way this will happen is if we are listening.

We housewives can learn a lot from His word and from listening for His voice in the everyday mundane details.  Try this: when you are frustrated or overwhelmed with household chores (or child-minding chores), ask God to speak to you through scripture.  I try to do this often, as His answers are often right on with what I need to hear.  Yes, He speaks through others to me, and sometime I hear the whisper of His voice in my heart, but it seems I hear from Him most often through direct reading of scripture.  I listen for the first book of the Bible that comes to mind, and often a chapter or even specific verse number comes into my mind as well.  Yes, sometimes it is just a generic verse that anyone could benefit from reading, but often, it is specific to my situation.  Daily reading of His Word is important, but I believe listening and being open to direction in the middle of other activities can be even more important.  It is easy enough to pick a chapter (or verse, or multiple chapters) in the Bible to read each day, but when God places a word in your heart, it is like having His voice speaking directly into your life. 

I would encourage you to try this in the next few days – ask God to speak to you and whether it is through this method, a whispered voice in your spirit, or a good word spoken on Sunday morning, He will.

Have a great weekend!!

This verse of the day comes from Air1.

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  1. mmmm…great ideas. I agree with you. There is something about those days I spend a little time reading scripture that really help me to remember that God is with me. It helps the day go by so much better.

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