Life in these parts

Life as of late has been rather busy lately.  And a bit lazy as well.

Oh, you want more details, do you?

Okay, then.  I have had another bout of tonsillitis, thus the laziness, although it’s not really fair to call it that.  It’s very important laziness, leading to a full recovery.  I have also had sick children coming out of my ears (not literally – that would be really bizarre and I imagine quite painful).  As of my last post, Erik was sick.  I took him to the doctor and was told that he has asthma.  I was warned that he would probably develop it, but didn’t know it would happen so soon.  He now has an inhaler and a baby aero-chamber to get him to breathe it.  Thankfully it seems that he only has trouble breathing when he is sick, so it may not be something we deal with very often.  Jenny and Elias have both had ear infections, although Jenny’s seemed to clear up on its own without medication.  Elias is currently on antibiotics and a ridiculous schedule for taking them.  Whoever makes these things up has got to be missing part of their brain.  The amoxicillin I have to give Elias must be given every eight hours.  During the day, this is no big deal, but if I want to give it to him while he is awake, I would have to give it at six in the morning, two in the afternoon and ten at night.  I know there are people who keep their kids up late or get them up early, but who does both?!  I imagine that the person responsible for the dosing guidelines on this medication did not have children.

Anyway, rant over.  The productivity of the past few weeks has mostly been in crafting.  I’m signed up for a craft swap on Craftster..yes, I mentioned that already.  I’ve been working on the items for the swap with most of my free time.  I’ve now finished slightly more than half of my scavenger hunt.  I would give details, but in case my partner is stalking my blog, I won’t yet.

I haven’t only been crafting, however.  I have also dabbled in cleaning my house.  Dabbled is the word because I really haven’t done much other than upkeep.  However, last night, I cut the kids nails and didn’t bother putting them straight in the trash – this was a good way to force myself into cleaning the bathroom floor.  A simple vacuum or sweep turned out to be only the start.  I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and managed to clear out quite a few things that were really contributing to the mess in there.  When I’m on a roll like that, it doesn’t matter what time it is or how tired I get.  I didn’t go to bed until two in the morning, but my bathroom is practically sparkling.  Even better, I did it in a good mood, so it’s not a bad memory.  I have bad memories of cleaning parts of my house that are completely related to the mood I was in when I was doing the cleaning.

Anyway, that’s all for now as far as updates go.  Now that I’ve finished the most time consuming part of my craft swap, I feel like doing something a bit easier for a change.

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