Four years ago today….

At this time four years ago, I would have been enjoying more of my first day as a mommy.  Jenny is four today!  I can’t believe how fast time flies and how fun she is becoming the older she gets.  She talked all day about it being her birthday, but didn’t quite get that today is not the day of her birthday party.  That is happening on Friday, so she’ll have to wait for her cake and presents, although we did give her one thing today from us. 

As for other events of the day, I finished my craft swap items!!  I’m so excited to send them off!  And…drumroll please…

I cleaned my laundry room!  Actually, that happened yesterday, but got done.  It was probably the messiest room in my house, so this is a very big deal.  It is a hard thing to admit to some people, but for the last few years, it hasn’t been cleaned at all and we’ve barely been able to get out the back door.  Actually, when we’ve had people over for parties in the backyard, we’ve just moved everything into our room temporarily and then moved it all back afterward.  With Jenny’s party coming up, I didn’t want to do that all over again.  Two weeks from now, we’ll also be having a party for Erik, so it was doubly important to get it cleaned and organized.  I can’t believe how much better it looks now!  I’m so happy!  Now I just have to clean my desk, my bedroom (another big job) and the entryway to the house and I’ll be pretty happy with the way things are. 

All this cleaning has another purpose – ease in moving when the time comes.  It could be more than a year away, but when we bought this house, we moved very quickly on it – hearing about it at the end of the month and moving before the end of the next month.  And that was with one very small baby only – so moving with three active kids will be a different story.  I want to be ready to pack up and move if an opportunity comes up for us to buy a bigger place, and having a very messy house will not make that easier.

Well, I’m off to watch some Star Wars with Mike – I bought the special edition set of the final three episodes at a garage sale (as in, the old ones).  It’s been ages since I’ve watched them and this is our third day trying to get through episode four.  🙂  Goodnight!


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  1. Oh wow! Happy Belated b-day Jenny!

    Congrats on tackling that Laundry, for me that hardest room to clean is the girls room…ugh!

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