Mystery vacation

This title is probably a bit misleading.  I do not intend on going on a vacation that is a real mystery, but it’s just the best title I could think of. 

My in-laws went to St. Louis recently for my mother-in-law to have some training for work.  At first, it seemed like a terrible place to have to go for work and vacation, but they actually had a great time.  They got a deal on their hotel online and then went around finding things to do.  This lead me to the idea of a random city vacation.  Someday I’d like to pick a city we could fly to for cheap, find an inexpensive place to stay and just go.  Like in Yes, Man, when they take the first flight out of the airport and end up in Lincoln, Nebraska…or something like that.  Mike’s stipulation is that it should be somewhere that we could see a hockey game, which then means going during the regular season.  The reason for this requirement is that his parents managed to get really great tickets to the St. Louis vs. Vancouver playoff game there.  Great for him, not necessarily so great for me.

Anyway, I’m posting this with a question.  Or two: Do you have any recommendations for us?  Does your city (or one near you) have lots of interesting things to do, places to go, food to eat (if you know me, you’ll know that the food question is possibly the most important one)?  And..have you ever done anything like this – whether on purpose or just by circumstances (like my in-laws did)?  I’d love to hear back from anyone who has a thought here.  I have no idea when we may be making this trip, because it’s definitely not something I want to do when pregnant or with children.  However, it doesn’t  hurt to get some ideas now.

Oh, yeah, today is my 2 year blog anniversary!  I’ve been blogging for two years already.  That’s hard to believe…what is also hard to believe is that Erik will be one year old tomorrow!  My baby is growing up!  We’re having a small family party tomorrow night for him…not like he cares, but we do.


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2 responses to “Mystery vacation

  1. Happy Blogging Anniversary!

  2. Myrtle Beach is great, but is a “touristy” destination, unless you come during the “off season”, in which case the only tourists around are golfers and Canadian’s. We don’t have a hockey team, but we do have some great family activities, and walking the beach in the winter is wonderful. It’s never super cold, and we have some great restaurants, and the hotel deals in the off season are really good.

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