Well, it could be worse and I’m certain that my tonsillectomy will be worse.  At the moment, it’s mostly the pain in my jaw and cheeks that’s bothering me – I’m assuming from all the stretching, pulling, etc. that they had to do to take my teeth out.  Yesterday my lower lip and chin were numb for nearly seven hours and I was starting to worry that they had hit my nerve and damaged it.  It was back by bedtime, though, so I went to bed pretty relieved.  I also had three nosebleeds yesterday, which are apparently a by-product of the surgery.  I’m still icing my face twenty minutes at a time because I’m a bit puffy.  I really don’t like it when my face is puffy – like…at the end of pregnancy, but it’s a bit more centralized around my jowls…I don’t really like the idea of having jowls.  I have all sorts of lovely instructions for the next few days, like brushing my teeth without going too far back, swishing with nasty prescription mouthwash for a few days, then nasty salt water for another few days.  I’m just hoping that I’ll be done with all those things by the 29th. 

Good news about the 29th is that everything seems to be falling into place for childcare and rides to the hospital – I still have to arrange for someone to pick me up from the hospital, but it may be late enough in the day to have MIke come for me.

Today is Father’s Day and it does suck to not be able to really give Mike a nice Father’s Day.  We’ve always had a deal that on Mother’s Day, I get to do pretty much whatever I want while still fitting in time with his family, and vice versa on Father’s Day.  I will still have to rest as much as possible today, especially with my next surgery looming eight days ahead of me.  I already gave Mike his gift and just have to write in a card for him.  I realized with a bit of dread that I didn’t send my dad a card, so I will just have to call him and maybe send an e-card.  I vow that I will not forget to do one of those things today (as I once forgot to call him on his birthday…and didn’t even know it was his birthday until three days later!).

There is a Father’s Day fundraising brunch this morning at church to raise money for a team going to Zambia in September.  We’re up earlier than normal and going to be heading out in less than an hour, so I suppose I’d better have a shower or get dressed..or something, since I’m sitting here writing in my pjs. 🙂


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