Current state of affairs

Well, I’ve quit my pain pills already, which is great because I was starting to get overwhelmed by all the different times and doses of meds throughout the day.  I also thought that the naproxin might be making me feel sick, so I thought I’d test my theory. Unfortunately, I was dreadfully sick to my stomach most of yesterday and ended up getting less than six hours of sleep because it took me so long to fall asleep and then Erik threw up and wouldn’t sleep in his own bed and I had to try to fall asleep  next to him smelling puke.  (Big breath out, that was quite a sentence).  So this morning I felt great when I woke up – not too tired and not sick.  And then I took my antibiotic.  Within ten minutes I was hurting bad again.  I had some breakfast and I do feel a bit better now, but I have to eat with my afternoon dose and if it still makes me sick, they’ll give me a new antibiotic.  This SUCKS because when I get my tonsils out in a week, they’ll have to give me another antibiotic.  Three different antibiotics in a month is a bad thing.  So with any luck I’ll feel better this afternoon.

Last night I wrote a long to-do list and a shopping list.  My plan is to get as many loose ends tied up this week as possible and to stock the cupboards and make at least three meals to freeze.  I don’t want to resort to sending Mike for take-out all the time, so while I feel decent, I’ll make a few things that he can throw in the oven when I’m recovering from my surgery.  The kids have basically eaten macaroni and cheese and alphaghetti all weekend, so I figure it’s probably a good idea to have more options for them.

I’m quite certain that my list contains lots of tasks I won’t manage to get done, and I’m not going to start much until tomorrow, as I was told to take three days to rest after surgery.  I feel good enough to get a few things done, but I’m going to try to keep it to making phone calls and other things I can do without moving too much.  I’ll have to stretch my grocery shopping out a bit if I don’t want to totally wear myself out and at the moment, I’m beyond thrilled that my house is in decent order right now because cleaning it like crazy does not sound like it would feel great.  I’ll have a bit to do right before my surgery, just to make it a friendlier place to be for my friend who is coming to watch the boys, but otherwise, most of the big work is done.  Except our bedroom.  Which I am NOT looking forward to cleaning. 😦

Anyway, the good thing is that the recovery from having my teeth out seems to be going as fast as I expected it to, although I am a bit concerned that my jaw will still be stiff next Monday, which could be bad for a surgery that requires reaching back into my throat.  I’m just guessing that they have to keep your mouth wide open to do that.

I’ll keep updating as things change, but then I may be silent for awhile depending on how busy I get and how hard the recovery is next week.


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