Tiny life

Today, I finally got to see my new nephew, Noah.  Okay, so he was only born forty-eight hours ago, but still, it felt like an eternity not seeing him yesterday.  My sister-in-law was transferred here and will be “boarding” at the hospital until Noah is ready to go home, which could be a week or so.  He is a tiny little feather – holding him feels like holding a bunch of towels or something…he’s just so small.  He looks beautiful, though, and very healthy, which is wonderful.  He has lots of hair and looks quite a bit like his brother did when he was new.  I’m so tickled to be an auntie again, but it is of course giving me the baby bug.  Once these tonsils come out, I’m sure I’ll be more than happy to get pregnant again.


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3 responses to “Tiny life

  1. Tara Lokstet

    I love it! Whoo-hoo. Bring on the next baby:)

  2. Aaaw. Another little Noah! He sounds so adorable and sweet!

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