Goodbye tonsils.

I finally said goodbye to the gigantic nuisances in the back of my throat yesterday.

The good news is that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I expected to wake up from my surgery in screaming pain, but it wasn’t nearly that bad.  I went in yesterday morning at seven, spent an hour and a half waiting in a bed with an IV in my hand, they got me in early for surgery and sedated me.  The next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery feeling totally bizarre and the clock said it was nearly ten.  The first few hours were weird, coming out of the anaesthetic, but my friend was there to feed me ice chips and get me a popsicle.  I was pretty sick to my stomach for the first few hours, but it went away without puking.  My throat definitely hurt, but I was able to swallow without too much pain and had lots of ice and water, some yogurt and two popsicles in the six hours I was there post-op.  I’m probably more uncomfortable today, but my throat looks good – black with white spots is a good thing in this case.

The hardest part is not actual pain – it’s swallowing.  I’m supposed to keep my throat really moist, because if it dries out, it could crack and bleed.  But swallowing doesn’t just hurt – it feels nearly impossible.  I tried to eat mashed potatoes last night thinking they would go down nicely, but in the end resorted to more popsicles.  I suspect I’ll be on a popsicle diet for a week or so.  I’m sure I can manage smoothies and other liquids as well, so I might try something brothy tonight for a change.  The great thing about this is that once I’m healed up, I won’t ever have tonsillitis again!  I can still get strep throat, but tonsillitis is worse in my opinion.  I also suspect that when I’m recovered, I will have lost at least a little weight due to the weird diet I’m on.  I was told to expect two weeks before I really feel completely better and am actually healed.  I have things I want to do but I’m going to rest as much as I possibly can for the next two weeks.  Mike is off work today and tomorrow and I already had the longest night sleep that I’ve had in a long time.  I went into our room to eat a popsicle so that the kids wouldn’t bug me and ended up drifting off after I was done.  I decided that it was a good plan to just go to bed and let Mike deal with Erik for a few hours.  I went to bed before nine and  Erik ended up going to bed easily without nursing and Mike came to bed at ten.  Erik was up at one-thirty but spent the rest of the night with us so I was able to sleep pretty soundly.  Mike got up with the kids at eight-thirty and I slept until after ten! 

I’m going to the pharmacy to pick up some percocet a little later, so any pain should be taken care of.  I don’t really like taking pain meds, so I’ll try to only do it for as long  as I’m really uncomfortable.


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