I now have an explanation for why my pain has been so bad for the last few days and why my pain pills haven’t seemed to be working as well.  I have an infection in my throat.  Obviously, this is not great, but it’s nice that I know why I was hurting and now have antibiotics to clear things up.  I should know in twenty-four hours or so how much of the pain is from the infection and how much is just the healing process going on.  I also got another bottle of pills that will definitely last me – there are more pills than the last time, so no worries there as I’m sure I won’t need even half of them (I hope!).

When I went out to get my medication, I stopped in at a kids store to look at premie stuff for Noah – no luck there – and found some very cute rubber boots and a dress for Jenny, both for ten dollars.  I then went and picked up some stuff at the health food store and went next door to the movie store to look at their pre-played DVDs.  They had a whole corner of the store with DVDs that didn’t have covers for $1.99!  I got some chick flicks, a few family-type movies, an action movie and three Sesame Street DVDs for the kids.  The irony of this is that L.H. was just talking about media and taking a break from it…we will someday, but apparently not quite yet. 😉


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