Living Faith

One of my greatest role models of mothering is my dear friends’ mother.  Her daughters were my closest friends before marriage and the only thing that has changed that is distance.  They were both in our wedding and I love them like sisters.  I spent a good deal of time with them and their family and had the chance to observe what a great mom they have and what a great influence she has had on them.  One thing that she did at every turn was talk to God.  She talked to Him and about Him all the time.  I have found both of these areas lacking in my life lately and have been making an effort to live faith in front of my children.

I think it really started with the crisis my sister-in-law was in a few weeks back.  Thinking she may lose the baby or that she might not make it through having him was terrifying to me and I totally broke down.  I talked to God and one of the things I kept feeling is that I don’t want to do this again.  I’m tired of losing it whenever something unexpected or frightening happens in my life.  I want to be able to calmly approach the throne and ask for help.  I want to thank Him in advance for what He will do, rather than beg Him to do my will.  It seems that one way I will be able to avoid breaking down in crisis is by including God in more of my daily life. 

I want my kids to grow up seeing God all around them – not just in the Bible or on Sunday mornings in church.  I want them to thank Him for the fact that He makes the sun come up each morning, not just when He blesses us with something surprising.  Yesterday I noticed how green everything was around us when I was driving out of town to a friends house.  I mentioned this to Jenny and Elias by saying how great it was that God made it green.  They seem to understand at least a little now, and I know that if I make this way of life normal to them, they will understand more all the time.

How do you make faith real in your life or the lives of those around you (especially your children)?


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