So much for part two

Just when you think life is about to settle down, you get thrown right back into craziness!

I have just returned home from spending two nights in the hospital with Erik.  Friday he seemed healthy and happy but by Saturday morning, he was miserable.  His breathing was awful and the inhaler wasn’t doing the trick.  I took him into the emergency room after noon that day, thinking they would treat his asthma quickly with a nebulizer and then send us home.  The doctor took one listen to his chest and said it was pneumonia. 

How does a child go from healthy and happy one day to having pneumonia the next?!  And in the heat of summer, to boot!  Anyway, we spent most of the afternoon in emergency and then they admitted him and transfered us upstairs to the ward.  Thankfully we had our own room and bathroom – when we stayed in the ICU when he was three weeks old, we were just curtained off and using a common bathroom.  I was able to come home that evening to pack clothes and other overnight things (and a bunch of books) so it wasn’t so bad.  The worst of it was that he was dehydrated and needed an IV for fluids – but they couldn’t get the IV in.  They would get into a vein and then lose it.  They tried thirteen times (THIRTEEN!!) to get one in and finally gave up.  Something like four different nurses, the doctor and an anaesthetist tried and all failed.  In the end, we just gave him pedialyte 5ml at a time every ten minutes or so. 

About two o’clock on Sunday morning, he turned a corner and got really thirsty.  His breathing improved around the same time, and then got even better a few hours later.  My doctor still didn’t feel good about sending him home because he was obviously still struggling to breathe at that point.  We spent a very restless Sunday in the hospital, but were able to leave for three hours in the afternoon.  Erik then had a three hour evening nap at the hospital, which means I was up fairly late with him last night before he was willing to go to sleep.  The first night we were there, they were waking us up every few hours to give him medication of some sort, but last night we were able to sleep through the night without many interruptions. 

We left the hospital just before nine this morning, and our doctor said that releasing him at this point was still a “calculated risk”.  I have to pay very close attention to him and he’ll have to continue on two different antibiotics and a steroid to open up his airways.  If he starts to have any real trouble breathing again, we’ll have to go back into the hospital.  By the time we left this morning, he was so antsy!  He just wanted to crawl around all over the place, but you can’t exactly let a baby crawl around on hospital floors for very long.  Not only that, but the hallway I was on seemed to be full of not so friendly patients and visitors.  Most of the people there actually looked like they were quite old and on the brink of death.  What a strange thing to throw a baby right into the middle of all that!  It comes with the territory, though, I suppose, as it’s not like we have a children’s hospital here.

Anyway, I still have more to say about the last few weeks, but I think I’m going to have to wait for another day.  I’m wiped out, incredibly hot (it’s so warm in my house right now!!!) and my house is a wreck from all the running around this last week.


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