Whatever I promised to write is gone from my mind.  My life has been beyond chaotic (for me, anyway) for the last few weeks.  We’ve been through hospital stays, various illnesses, teething, and most recently, have been sleeping in the living room for the last three nights so that Erik will learn to sleep through the night.

I wish I could blame my lack of updating on writers block – at least that can be gotten over – but it has more to do with life as of late.  I’d much rather have writers block than the circumstances I’ve been in for the last month.  Adding the craziness of VBS to the mix didn’t help, and neither did feeling I was pregnant for a good week and a half.  I’m not, by the way.  I’m blaming the sick stomach on stress and the fatigue on…stress.

Anyway, I’m sure one of these days I’ll get around to really saying what’s on my mind, but I just don’t have it in me right now.  Sorry. 😦



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2 responses to “Part…three?

  1. Oh Katie! I’m sorry to hear that all of this craziness is going on over there! I’m praying for you guys to get better and to have a more peaceful season!

    Hang in there!

    “Casting all your care upon Him; for he careth for you”(1 Peter 5:7)

    • Katie

      Thanks, LaSandra! I’ve been feeling like I really need a kid-free vacation soon, but for now, I’ll be hoping and praying for a more peaceful home so that I won’t feel that need so much!

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