How I came to spend $106 on one item of clothing.

This is one for the ladies.  Sorry, men – if there happen to be any men reading this totally female-centric blog – this one will not apply to you unless you have another life going on…and I’m not going to get into that.

No, this one is for the girls.  Particularly those who are larger in the chest, due to genetics, pregnancy or breastfeeding.  I will share with you my story, which has just kept getting worse (and yet, suddenly better this year).

I wore a size 36 DD by the time I was fourteen.  I stayed at that size for a while, then put on weight, going up to as big as 42 DD at one point.  I had a bad back through my teenage years and even considered getting a breast reduction.  When I got pregnant and nursed my babies, I wore a 40 DD or bigger, assuming that I had the right fit.  I lost twenty-five pounds on top of my baby weight after I had Elias and it was then that I noticed a difference.  I couldn’t wear underwire anymore!  I…ahem..just fell right out the bottom of my bra if I did.  I assumed that this was due to things being heavier because of milk production.  I stuck to wireless nursing bras and occasionally wore underwire if I had to – for two years. 

Then I went into a very expensive lingerie store in town and asked to try some bras on, stipulating that they had to be soft-cup.  The girl asked my size and I told her I was a 40 DD.  She said she didn’t think so.  I told her my problem with underwire and she said I was probably wearing the wrong band size.  She looked at me and said that while I did need a larger cup size, I was in fact quite “tiny” around the ribs.  Boy, did that make me feel good!  She recommended a much smaller band size and a MUCH larger cup size.  I tried on everything from F to I, and I ended up in a 36 H. Yes, that’s right, H.  And yet as soon as I put the right size on, I felt better.  I looked better.  It was amazing! 

I kept wearing nursing bras from Wal Mart for some time, but only because I was still nursing too much not to.  I wore my nice new yellow lace bra when I knew I wouldn’t need baby access.  When I stopped nursing so much, I started wearing my new bra all the time.  Until it started to look a little worn.  So I went back in to the same store and tried more on.  The one I liked best was plain – smooth cups, no seams, tan, with one tiny little bow.  But, man, did it make me look good!  It managed to make me look two or three sizes smaller than what I am, which is always good in my book.  There was no price tag, but most of the bras I tried on were between forty and sixty dollars.  Expensive (far more expensive than Wal Mart), but worth it.  I asked about the price of this plain-Jane bra….$94!  I knew we couldn’t really afford it then, but figured I’d wait on it and go back. 

So, I went back yesterday and bought it.  With tax, it came to $106, which makes it the most expensive piece of clothing I’ve ever bought (other than my wedding dress).  But it was so worth it.

What women don’t seem to realize is that support is so important!  Particularly when you are nursing a baby and you get heavy chested.  I have so many friends who say their husbands balk at expensive bras and tell them that they can’t spend the money.  Well, sorry, guys, but you don’t have boobs.  We do.  You don’t have an extra five to ten pounds hanging out in front of you, dragging down on your shoulder muscles and pulling on your back.  We do.  And I say we budget in good bras – they will be far cheaper than years of massage, chiropractic work or physiotherapy.  So maybe you wait until the next paycheck – maybe you save the money you make on a yard sale or get for a birthday, but get yourself a good bra!  If you are nursing, get yourself a good nursing bra and a nice one for when you don’t need one anymore.  I have one friend in particular who sags halfway to her belly because she isn’t wearing the right size bra.  She says her husband doesn’t want her spending the money and she doesn’t want to be measured.  I am certainly not telling you to ignore the values of your husband or disrespect his wishes.  But it may help to explain the benefits of a good bra.  It may also help to take him along with you so that he can see the difference a good one makes.  I always take Mike and always get his opinion on one before I buy it.  That way, even though it is more of a utility item for me – one I use every day – it becomes something sexy in his mind.

Anyway, I hope I haven’t gone too far or been too explicit, but there are some things that people (particularly Christians) are afraid to say, and I am just not afraid to say this.  Get a good bra!  It’s worth it!


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